Adding Diversity to the Environmental Movement

recyclingBeing “green” has always been associated with a certain group of people — they are often affluent, educated, middle-age Caucasians. Because of this many believe people of color are simply not interested in environmental issues– this is not true.

Many people of color recycle and reduce their energy and water consumptions, the difference is that they do it out of necessity.

The number of people of color who have voluntarily decided to get involved with environmental issues is small, but it is on the rise. This is particularly promising since people of color are most affected by environmental injustices.

A project housed at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) by the name of The Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative (MELDI) aims to increase diversity in environmental organizations as well as the environmental movement. The group provides mentoring and internships for students hoping to start a career in the environmental field. Check out their site for more info.


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