No Impact Man

No Impact Man Film PosterWent to see the documentary film “No Impact Man” and loved it. The documentary follows Colin Beaven, a writer anblogger, who along with his family, embark on a project that rids them of any thing that has a negative impact on the environment.

It is particularly difficult for Beaven’s wife, Michelle, who is a self-professed shopaholic. At times, their little girl, Isabella, seemed more on board with the project especially when she helps to do the laundry in their bathtub.

The documentary is a fast paced film that condenses their one year commitment into an hour and a half. The film also shows the negative reaction that their project causes among the environmental community. Their argument is that Beaven’s crazy project reflects negatively on them.

In the end, the family learns that they can’t do everything on their own. The film ends with a message to get involved with organizations that are trying to help the enviroment.

If you are Eco-conscious or just curious, you definitely need to watch it. Check out the trailer below and make sure to check your listings because the film is on limited release. 



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