Consumers more eco-friendly with incentives


CVS/pharmacy launches GreenBagTag, shopper reward for passing on plastic bags. (PRNewsFoto)

I see many companies jumping on the green bandwagon, but those that offer incentives to its customers (instead of just advertising “greenness”) should be recognized for the financial commitment involved.  CVS Pharmacy is one such company.

CVS Pharmacy recently announced its GreenBagTag program, which encourages its customers to bring home their purchases in a recyclable bag (or no bag) instead of taking a single-use plastic bag from the store.  While customers also must be members of the company’s loyalty program, it still makes good sense to add another layer of incentive.

According to a CVS press release, with every fourth scan of the GreenBagTag and its loyalty program card, customers will see a $1 “Extra Buck” at the bottom of their receipt. Extra Bucks are like free CVS/pharmacy money that can be used on almost anything in the store.

The GreenBagTag, which costs 99 cents,  is made with corn-based material, a renewable resource, and is packaged in 100% recycled paper.

Programs like these are a win-win-win.  Consumers are incentivized to shop and save, companies get the benefit of return customers, and the environment has a few less plastic bags floating down the highway or filling up landfills.


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