Ugly Cars

Toyota Prius

Photo by kasei via Flickr

Came upon BusinessWeeks‘ slide show titled “Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years” a few days ago and found myself not agreeing 100 percent with their picks. Tree huggers around the world, like me, will find it upsetting that a popular electric car made the list — the Toyota Prius.

Now I am not saying the car is the best in automobile design but I do not consider it ugly.  What it lacks in looks is made up by the fact that it helps one reduce carbon emissions and is a little better for the environment.

BusinessWeek describes it as having the style of a soybean. I do not have a Prius or a car for that matter but do have the Prius in mind when the time comes. I also like soybeans.

The list does include the gasoline guzzler that is the Hummer so I guess this inclusion makes up for what I think is a lack of judgement. Now I know the list is subjective. So let us know what you think about the slide show.


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