No Green Jobs for Women and Minorities

Found an interesting post from the Los Angeles Times‘ green blog, Greenspace, about women and minorities being left out of green jobs.

Although I was not surprised to learn about the low numbers of women and minorities in the green economy, I was appalled by the criticism the LAT and the writer, Tiffany Hsu, received from those who commented. The overall complaint was that the Times and writer were leftists who where overreacting.

Check out the video by the Applied Research Center, a racial justice think thank, and let us know your thoughts. Is the Times and Hsu overreacting? Are you surprised about the low numbers of women and minorities in green jobs? What should be done to allow these people into this emerging field?


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    Lili said,

    I am not surprise about this information. Different institutions offer training on this fields but minorities and women don’t take this classes.
    KPFK had a program on this issue and I was appalled by the behavior of men toward woman,how they make fun of them, tease them , harass them and treat them in a way no employee should be treated. machismo rules in different work enviroments and thats one of the reason women choose not to go into this area of work.
    what can be done? make training more affordable, provide a safe place to work not only for women but for all!

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