Who ever thought rubble could be a silver lining?

Haitians who survived their country’s devastating earthquake have a tremendous burden to bear when it comes to getting back to normalcy.  How can all that rubble be removed and how can Haitians rebuild?  This is not really a time one would think about recycling, but if they don’t recycle, exactly where will all that rubble go?

Haiti Earthquake 2010
Photo by Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross via Flickr. Days after the earthquake, Haitians continued to search through the rubble. Petionville, Port-au-Prince.
January 16, 2010.

Could you really dig holes wide enough and deep enough for all of the poor-quality concrete/cement/brick buildings that collapsed? Perhaps.  But instead, Independence Recycling of Florida is working on plans to transport two mobile crushing and screening plants that will recycle construction debris for reuse when Haiti starts rebuilding.  Or, should we say when foreign investors start rebuilding Haiti?

According to an article in American Recycler, the recycling company may be participating in a 10-year recovery program being planned for Haiti. The first phase is demolition, then rebuilding. That means jobs for Haitians, I hope.

Independence Recycling says the jobs for locals will be manual, at first, but they plan to also train some to handle the equipment. I truly hope this is the case not only for this recycling company, but all foreign companies that stand to gain financially from this tragedy.


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    michellefrommadison said,

    Hopefully soon, before another penny is spent on Haiti, it’s people, or it’s infrastructure, that America realizes the fragility of this doomed piece of the world. And in a humanitarian position says to it’s survivors there are two options available in which the United States will assist them. ONE: leave the country and the U.S. can put it’s donated money into helping to relocate and to stabilize those people. And, TWO: if anyone who chooses to remain there, to make them aware that the U.S. should not, and will never, help those people again because it is predictable that their country will sustain another devastating earth-tremor-catastrophe in the near future. Remaining there is futile optimistic expectations that have proven to be nothing but a farce. Clear out and be helped, and trash the entire country of Haiti, sell it to a neighboring country for all rights and privileges and use that money to help the survivors. To put a penny more into that hornet’s nest is a freakin’ waste of anyone’s money.

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