Hollywood Goes Green

Instead of reading boring documents about how we’re polluting our planet, invite some friends over for a night of green documentaries.

They have become a growing niche in the film industry.  They’re interesting, informative and entertaining to watch.  And the plus side is you’re supporting the movers and shakers of the environment movement.

Here are some popular green documentaries:

1.  “The Cove” – It’s an undercover story about the over-fishing massacre of dolphins in Japan.

2.  “Food, Inc.” – The film exposes the meat and farming practices of the nation’s food industry.

3.  “Fuel” – This Sundance Festival winner discusses American’s dependency on oil and the renewable energy sources that should be replacing it.

4.  “No Impact Man” – This film follows Colin Beavan as he spends one year leading a zero-footprint lifestyle and illustrates the rewards and difficulties of leaving no impact on the environment.

5.  “Thirst” – This film discusses the issue of water quality around the world and whether or not it should be privatized.

6.  “The Garden” – This Academy Award nominee depicts a Los Angeles neighborhood’s struggle to save a 14-acre community garden from a building developer.

7.  “Crude” – The filmmaker illustrates the legal fight and devastating environmental impact between Chevron and the Ecuadorians living in the Amazon.

8.  “Poisoned Waters” – This investigation shows the pollution in America’s waterways and the effect it is having on animal and human health.

9.  “King Corn” – The film uses the example of a small town in Iowa to highlight the problem of the industrialization of food.

10.  “Addicted to Plastic” – This documentary presents the problem of plastic pollution around the world and what solutions are possible.


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