An Eco-Friendly Way of Eating Chips

Did you know that SunChips bags were 100% compostable?  The bag is made from plants making it fully compostable.  “Every 10 ½ oz. SunChips® package is designed to fully break down in just 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile.”  However, the eco-friendly bag comes with a small price, which I think is worth it.  If you think chip bags are noisy, then you’ll think these bags are being amplified through a speaker.  This noisy bag is definitely worth the positive environmental impact it will have.  The bag is made of a material called PLA (polylactic acid).  PLA is a plastic made from renewable plant based materials instead of the traditional petroleum.  Watch the video below to see a SunChip bag decompost.


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