A Growing Trend in Eco-Consciousness: Using Backyards to Grow Food

By Karoline Steavenson

When the Obamas moved into the White House one of the first things Mrs. Obama did to set an example for children about eating healthy was plant a garden on the front lawn.


Students from the Bancroft School help Mrs. Obama plant the White House garden. (Photo credit: whitehouse.org)


The New York Times has reported in several articles this year that urban gardening is becomingly increasingly popular all over the nation. Some people grow their own food because they want to eat organic produce, and some do it to save money in hard times. Whatever the reason, gardening at the very least is good exercise and with a little practice and expertise, can save families money on food in the long run.

One local man who has turned urban gardening into an art form and a business is Jules Dervaes.


Urban gardening expert Jules Dervaes. (Photo credit: julesdervaes.com)


He and his three children transformed the backyard of his Pasadena home into a mini-farm that produces so much organic produce that he sells the excess to local restaurants.

He takes the urban gardening expertise he learned over decades and teaches others how to do the same. He and his children maintain many educational websites devoted to the topic. They also made a short film about how to start and maintain an urban garden.

Beware: after watching the Dervaes film you may find yourself inspired to tear out your lawn and let the soil beneath it do something useful for a change.


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    Thats something new you have posted which is quite unknown to me…i’ll be looking forward for some more knowledgable blogs..thanks for sharing it..

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