Several Stores Offer Cash Back for Reusable Bags

By Karoline Steavenson

In order to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, some stores are offering small incentives of cash or points to shoppers who use their own bags for purchases.

Target Stores gives shoppers $.05 off their total purchase for each reusable bag. Whole Foods gives $.05 to $.10 back for each bag used for a purchase. Safeway reportedly gives $.03 back. CVS gives shoppers receive $1.00 in Extra Care Points for every four visits in which they use their own bags. Ralph’s shoppers get five Ralphs Rewards Points for every reusable bag they use when they shop there.


This bag says it all. (Photo credit:


The bags do not have to be purchased at the stores mentioned. They can have any logo on them.

Some non-profit organizations host events at which they give away reusable shopping bags. Heal the Bay sponsored a county wide event last year on Dec. 17.  Several grocery stores all over L.A. County gave away free bags. Hopefully, Heal the Bay will be able to sponsor a similar event this year.


Teach the kids to go green this Halloween. (Photo credit:


Halloween is just around the corner.

Why not let the kids decorate a cloth grocery bag for the day which they can later use to help carry the groceries?


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