Getting involved in helping others and yourself

By Julio A. Cruz

We live in a country where consumers are the ones that hold control in what products come in and where the money being spent on those products go. It isn’t all up to corporations because in reality, they would not exist if it wasn’t for consumers.

It isn’t only about buying what is seen on billboards or TV.

Fair Trade flowers at Agrogana Farm in Ecuador. Photo Credit: TransFair USA

Consumers’ knowledge is growing but it needs to grow rapidly. That’s because it is vital to understand how we, the consumers, are affecting everyone else with the money we use to spend money, that may be in dealing with human rights, economic equity and environmental sustainability.

A few things we can do to move this along is shopping on a conscious level. That could be through Fair Trade.

Continue to learn more about what is happening outside of our circumference; spread the word about cheap labor; or even work or volunteer within organizations that work around making the lives of producers a better one.

It goes even as far, in products that is, as when purchasing flowers. For example, flowers from Agrogana Farm in Ecuador produces Fair Trade flowers, and I fell on this information just from looking through a pamphlet.

So if you see any information out there that seems to lead in to this way of living, check it out and even do your own homework to make sure that it is legit. Always double or triple check.

Don’t forget, it’s Fair Trade month.


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