Rain Water Collection

By Karoline Steavenson, 10/6/10

Today it is raining. That made me think of all that water pouring from the sky and draining away into our gutters, the Los Angeles River, and ultimately out to sea.

Later this month homeowners will get bills from the Department of Water and Power for water – water which came to our yards for free from the sky but which homeowners usually let drain away to the sea.

So here’s an idea for all of you who own homes and even condos with small yards: when it rains, harvest the rain and use it to water the grass and plants.

There are many water harvesting systems out there. They range in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some websites even show people how to build them themselves if they are handy.

The systems capture water in large tanks after it travels through downspouts. A hose bib faucet is attached to the tank to disperse the water for irrigation.

This model simply catches the rainwater directly from a downspout. (From rainharvest.com)

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One of many rain barrel styles. This one has an overflow hose for when the barrel is full. But you could also run that overflow tube into another barrel.(From rainharvest.com)







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