An active turn out for the first ever CicLAvia in downtown L.A.

By Julio A. Cruz

On Sunday, 10/10/10, Los Angeles finally held the anticipated and demanded CicLAvia that stretched 7.5 miles from East L.A. to East Hollywood.

I did miss the opening but I got a chance to spend a couple of hours in downtown from Macy’s Plaza to city hall.

It was great to see that many people, different types of people, came out with their bicycles, enjoying the free routes. There were some crossing points for cars to pass by which cyclists sometimes had to stop.

Cyclists either went up towards MacArthur Park or down towards city hall, even children.

Some businesses in the downtown area did closed down for the day, especially because the ciclovia was from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It was good to see those restaurants, cafes and bars that open doors for cyclists to take their lunch and water breaks.

There was even a band playing for a while on Spring Street.

By city hall, there was a booth handing out free water and Powerade and other booths giving out more information on what this ciclovia was or is all about.

There was even a free yoga class that took place in the corner of Main Street and First Street, which took place for an hour, starting at 1:30 p.m.

It was a hot day but many people enjoyed the fresh air and breeze from the tall trees around city hall as they laid on the grass, taking a break from that hot sun.

Hopefully there is some type of consistency with this CicLAvia, like in other cities across the world, especially in Latin America, where it is held on every Sunday or every month.

Next time I will check out the dodgeball activity that was going on near MacArthur Park.

Check out full photo slideshow of CicLAvia here.


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