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Cancun’s Climate Summit

This week the United Nation (UN) hosted a climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico. According to reports from Democracy Now, Bolivia walked away from the talks due to uncommitted countries. Japan’s officials said that they won’t be signing any agreement and the reason of this Japanese’s action due to the aggressive development to the Chinese’s economy.

According to the UN there is a found that developed countries will pay into which is estimated to be $100 billion to help undeveloped countries to reduce their green gas and develop renewable fuel.

Cyclists pass a factory in Yutian in China's north-west Hebei province. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP

The U.S claims that the responsibilities should be shared with the up coming developing countries as well such Brazil, China, and India. Until today the U.S. has not committed to this accord. In the last century we have been one of the country that has generated most CO2 in the world and now China, since 2007, has take over as the worlds CO2 emitter. According to Greenpeace Brazil and Indonesia have decreased their amount of deforestation drastically.

A volunteer prepares hand made signs for the Greenpeace rally on Oct. 10, 2010. Photograph by Oscar Ortega

“Indonesia may soon put a moratorium on cutting forests, and Brazil is likely to vote any day on even stronger forest policy.” said Greenpeace.

The U.S. needs to come to an agreement to help a most need world which in my opinon should be considerate as in state of emergency. But this duty should not be done by this country alone. The rest of the developed European and Asian countries should become proactive in this matter, because the countries  who generated more CO2 suffered less eco environmental impact (for now) than those less undeveloped countries. This duty has to be done by every body and the ones the generated more CO2 should be more accountable.

Our world is in danger, we are close to become an endanger specie  and these countries are playing the blaming game. Meanwhile, the countries who are suffering the most are the same who have been exploited from these developed countries. Nothing ever change. Always screwing the little ones.

In another issue, Japanese whales’ fleets are doing their annual hunting to savagely kill one thousand whales for their industry even some of those species are in the endangers list. Always putting our pleasures before others nature’s specimens!


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Global Warming Awareness: Running Out Steam


Mother and daughter plead for a better future at downtown LA rally. The used of duty energy could jeopardized our future and our ecology. Photo by Oscar Ortega

According to a report by NPR, this past Sunday, people in this country are beginning to believe that Global Warming is a fallacy, that all the studies done over the last decade are over exaggerated.  Are the melting of the poles not a proof of what’s going on? Are these people out their mind?

Humans tend to believe in Holy Books and a Savior that will come down from the heaven and  take them to an eternal life, that sounds pretty exaggerated to me. They have been waiting for more than two thousand years and nothing have happened! yet there are no scientific proof that it has happen or that it will ever happen.

Now let’s analyze these events, we are experiencing extreme temperatures due to deforestation, frequent natural disasters than a hundred years ago, water levels are raising due to melting ice in the poles, pollution in our oceans is killing marine life that means that our food chain it’s about to suffer an unprecedented change that will affect every single living organism in this planet, more species are despairing from the face of the earth due to our own fault.

According to experts, it’s unpredictable the ramifications of these events. The human race and environment has not experienced anything similar since mankind has been keeping records. There are always conspiracy theories that will follow issues like this but for sure there are very strong economical interests, such as corporation, behind this movement that could affect the necessity of keep moving toward a better and greener future for our ecosystem.

Yes, I am skeptic when it comes to religion because I can’t see it nor I cant’ feel it, but I can see and feel our environment changing and that is a fact. I don’t need a “Holy Book” to tell me that.

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