Environment Negatively Affected by H.R.1 Amendments

Amendments in the H.R. 1 bill have halted numerous regulations that will severely hinder the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to protect the environment, prevent the worsening of climate change, and protect endangered species.

 According to a publication from the Center for Biological Diversity, the provisions in the bill would attack the EPA’s attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, remove Endangered Species Act protections for many species, reduce restrictions on toxic mercury pollution, allow public lands to be used for harmful activities, and slow progress that would protect U.S. citizens from unsanitary air and water.

With this bill, industries can take advantage of slipping under the EPA’s radar. They wouldn’t have to comply with regulations set upon them, allowing them to take the easy and most efficient way out when it comes to toxic dumping.

OMB Watch, a non-profit government watchdog organization, believes that those most affected by the bill are consumers. Without restrictions and regulations provided by the EPA, consumers will not be able to report hazardous products or be warned by reports written by other consumers.

According OMB Watch, senate leaders who have criticized the cuts are pushing for an extension of the current bill in an attempt to reach a compromise.

The amendments made in the H.R.1 bill will affect the EPA's ability to restrict the way industries dispose of waste.


Other Key Amendments


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