Japan Quake Environmental Effects

The earthquake in Japan induced numerous environmental concerns and issues. According to an article by Los Angeles Times, officials are concerned about the dangerous levels radiation coming from the power plants. Attempts at dumping water on the power plants via helicopters were abandoned. Instead, police are using water cannons originally meant for dispersing riots.

In addition, it is feared that plutonium and uranium will leak into the environment because they are highly carcinogenic and can be detrimental to humans. Unfortunately, power plant workers are exposed to these dangers as they work to minimize damages. However, they are equipped with full protective gear and only work short shifts.

The tsunami, generated by the earthquake, is also at fault for having killed thousands of birds. According to the Associated Press, approximately 1,000 Layson albatross were drowned or buried by the onslaught of debris brought by the tsunami.

An 8.9 earthquake struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Short-term affects are being noticed. However, long term affects to the environment remain to be seen.

From Associated Press: A Laysan albatross chick washed ashore by the tsunami.

Find out what you can do to help Japan here.


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