Hollywood Glam Goes Green

With some eco-conscious celebrities arriving at the 84th Academy Awards this year in hybrid cars, one lucky diva will walk the red carpet wearing a winning-designed dress made completely from eco-friendly materials.

Suzy Amis-Cameron, wife of famed ‘Titanic’ director James Cameron, is founder of  ‘The Red Carpet Green Dress’ contest. The dress design contest concept began in 2005 because enviornmental advocate Amis-Cameron believes that beautiful red carpet worthy gowns can be organically chic, created by using only sustainable and renewable materials. With the goal of bringing eco-awareness to the fashion industry, gown designers have the opportunity to consider sustainable, alternative materials.

The mother of five children, Amis-Cameron started the Red Carpet Green Dress contest to benefit Muse School in Calabasas, which she co-founded with her sister Rebecca. The antithesis of the traditional classroom setting, the child-centered school focuses on a healthy community and enviornment.

With hundreds of entries from all over the world, contest participants must design and make a gown completely from eco-friendly,  sustainable materials. Once the winner is chosen, the gown will then be worn by an actress on the red carpet at the Academy Awards February 26th.

In order to reduce consumption of new raw materials, some gown designers have started using eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable materials that are enviornmentally friendly.

Using recycled or reclaimed fibers, eco-friendly fashions are made using organic silk, bamboo, hemp and cotton that are produced without the use of pesticides, harsh chemicals or bleach.

With the fashion industry working towards a better and cleaner enviornment, eco-fashions began in 2005 during the prestigious New York Fashion Week, bringing eco-awareness to sustainable couture.

For more information, visit: http://www.redcarpetgreendress.com/home/


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