Jessica Alba Launches Web-Based Eco-Safe Baby Products Store

Appearing in such films as ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World,’ ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Little Fockers,’ the Golden Globe nominated actress Jessica Alba and busy mother of two young daughters co-founded the eco-safe baby essentials Web based store in January 2012 called, ‘The Honest Company,’ named after her 4-year-old daughter, Honor.

The California native became a first time mother in 2008, when she felt a strong responsibility to her daughter and to help other parents create and maintain a toxin-free, healthy, organic home enviornment after learning about certain chemicals used in various home and baby products.

Everyday household cleaning and baby products can be hazardous to both the enviornment and babies.

On her recent appearance on the Nate Berkus Show, Alba said there are commonly found toxins in most baby items such as diapers, bath and body lotions and cleaning products that use carbon-based chemicals that subsequenlty can cause a variety of health related problems such as respiratory illnesses.

Alba suggests that parents need to make safer choices when it comes to what products are in a baby’s enviornment, because their immune system isn’t fully developed until they are six-months old.

The eco-safe products on Alba’s Website include plant-based fashionable diapers, chemical free household cleaning and laundry products, and personal care items such as bath and body lotions for the entire family.

Alba also rallies support and raises visibility of the proposed updated
Safe Chemicals Act 2012, that would put common sense limits on toxic chemicals, making them safer, in an effort to protect against dangerous levels of toxins in products, which can be linked to serious health related problems.

For more information about Jessica Alba’s toxin-free, eco-safe products, visit:


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