Green Cleaning Products Review

By: Ivana Bozic

In the above video Good Housekeeping set out to test and find out which eco friendly products worked best.

With so many people focusing more and more of going “green” and keeping things “natural” it’s important to see which products get the best reviews by experts. Going green is in no way cheap for the most part, chances are eco friendly products will cost more than the regular store brand names. If you’re spending more then it’s good to know if you’re spending your money wisely.

There are websites devoted to selling only green products as well as groups who dedicate themselves to bettering the environment for future generations.

Going green shouldn’t be looked at as time consuming or tedious, there are certainly ways to do so without having to spend loads of money and there’s always some form of help to turn to on the internet. Small changes to every day essentials can actually make a significant change.


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