Eco Friendly Camping Tips

By: Ivana Bozic

Yahoo has compiled a few must haves for those going camping this summer to make their experience more eco friendly.

The most important thing on the list is to make sure you have solar powered equipment. Campers have options on generators, lanterns, backpacks, and bug zappers that are all useful, reliable, and 100% solar powered.

Other important items include reusable cutlery and linens. Instead of using a pack (or a few) of disposable forks and knives, it’s much healthier for the environment if campers go for reusable napkins, plates, and cutlery. It also seems more beneficial as far as cost to reuse the items.

Natural fire starters are also mentioned because campers can use things such as pine needles or dry grass to get their fire going.


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    Luisa Fabiola Gonzalez said,

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