Cruise Control: helpful for the environment and your pocket.

– Cindy Medrano

Did you know by using cruise control while driving you are not only saving gas but the mileage in your car as well? When you use cruise control, you vehicle could get up to 15% better mileage. You are reducing your gasoline intake and maximizing your mileage. Especially when you are driving on a highway, using cruise control helps you maintain a constant speed.

How is this possible you may ask? Cruise control helps adjust the speed of your car by controlling the throttle position. It basically means it provides a constant feed of fuel to your car compared to supplying gas by simply pressing the gas pedal. It is the consistent provision of fuel is what really improves your fuel economy.

However, it is best to use cruise control when driving up hilly areas, whether it is going up or down large hills. If that is the case, cruise control can use more gas.

With high gas prices, using cruise control is not only good for the environment but for your budget as well!


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Saving Energy and Money Efficiently

 By Luisa Fabiola Gonzalez

Temperature conditions such as high Fahrenheit numbers during hot seasons are too frustrating for residents living in the valleys or deserted areas. Zones where the cold seasons are just too low for people living in mountainous areas is another problem. The problem that both living conditions mentioned above share in common is the fact that your wallet is the one suffering, when utility bills are due.

Much of you homes energy goes to the electronics we used for either cooling or heating. This is why making smart choices about your homes heating, ventilating and air conditioning  (HVAC) system is crucial.

Making smart decisions could have a positive impact on your health, environment and wallet. In order to make these positive changes visible you have to take a look at these steps Guide to Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling to increase efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. You can also join the ENERGY STAR partnership to save energy by using their products.

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