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Man’s Best Friend’s Bed Goes Green

The Eco Nap dog mat comes in a variety of colors/Photo: West Paw Design website

Yes, Fido wants to get in on the eco-friendly trend too.

With the primary focus of reusing, recycling and reducing waste, the Eco Nap dog mat is made of IntelliLoft(tm) fiber fill, which is made from recycled 100% PETE plastic soda bottles.

Manufactured in the USA by West Paw Design in Bozeman, Montana, the non-toxic, earth-friendly organic dog mat is free of harsh chemicals and is enviornmentally safe.

Committed to recycling, West Paw Design estimates that each Eco Nap dog mat diverts 21 single-use plastic soda bottles, with a total of 544 tons to date, away from landfills.

With a goal of maintaining and creating a healthy planet for the next generation by minimizing their carbon trail by using less energy, West Paw Design reduces waste by cutting as much raw product as possible by reusing every piece of scrap material in the manufacturing process.

Placing values on pets and the enviornment, the lightweight, hypoallergenic Eco Nap dog mat is made from sustainable and natural resources and the super soft washable and removable cover is manufactured from 100% organic cotton.

With superior durable construction, the Eco Nap dog mat is a healthy alternative for both the comfort of your pet, while preserving the health of the planet.

For more information about the Eco Nap dog mat and their other planet friendly pet products, visit the West Paw Design website at:



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Steamboat Springs Ski Resort Green Initiatives

ResortQuest Green Initiative Program/Photo: ResortQuest Website

With the purpose and goal of promoting green, sustainable enviornmental practices, Steamboat Springs, Colorado ski resort has set new standards for its eco-friendly initiatives that protect the enviornment in which the ski resort resides.

The internationally known ski resort is located in the upper valley of the Yampa River, just west of the Continental Divide at Rabbit Ears Pass.

With the ultimate goal of a 100% waste-free community by 2014, ResortQuest Steamboat and the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council have committed to developing and maintaining eco-friendly initiatives that include green hotel practices and the Zero Waste and Sustainability Initiative.

Resortquest green hotel practices include towel and linen re-use programs, trash recycling, using Cascades ‘North River’ bathroom paper products and Thymes Eucalyptus bath products in enviornmentally safe paper-bottle containers made of 75% paper, biodegradable Green-Key electronic keycards produced from paperboards instead of plastic, water conservation and post-departure thermostat control.

The Zero Waste and Sustainability Initiative is inspired to protect the community of Steamboat Springs by reducing the amout of waste that goes into landfills. The grassroots organization called the ‘Green Team’ aims to eliminate all waste from food and beverage outlets by using biodegradeble packaging, solid-waste recycling, reusing and composting programs.

Since 1993, the ski resort has won numerous awards in recognition of their enviornmental programs, such as: The Silver Eagle 2010 Award for Waste Reduction and Recycling, The U.S. Enviornmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership and the Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program.

The National Ski Areas Association awarded Steamboat Springs Ski Resort as the best resort in Reduction and Recycling Program in North America for reducing landfill usage by 63%.

To learn more about the Steamboat Springs ski resort enviornmental initiatives, visit the Resortquest Steamboat and Yampa Valley Sustainability Council websites.

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Jessica Alba Launches Web-Based Eco-Safe Baby Products Store

Appearing in such films as ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World,’ ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Little Fockers,’ the Golden Globe nominated actress Jessica Alba and busy mother of two young daughters co-founded the eco-safe baby essentials Web based store in January 2012 called, ‘The Honest Company,’ named after her 4-year-old daughter, Honor.

The California native became a first time mother in 2008, when she felt a strong responsibility to her daughter and to help other parents create and maintain a toxin-free, healthy, organic home enviornment after learning about certain chemicals used in various home and baby products.

Everyday household cleaning and baby products can be hazardous to both the enviornment and babies.

On her recent appearance on the Nate Berkus Show, Alba said there are commonly found toxins in most baby items such as diapers, bath and body lotions and cleaning products that use carbon-based chemicals that subsequenlty can cause a variety of health related problems such as respiratory illnesses.

Alba suggests that parents need to make safer choices when it comes to what products are in a baby’s enviornment, because their immune system isn’t fully developed until they are six-months old.

The eco-safe products on Alba’s Website include plant-based fashionable diapers, chemical free household cleaning and laundry products, and personal care items such as bath and body lotions for the entire family.

Alba also rallies support and raises visibility of the proposed updated
Safe Chemicals Act 2012, that would put common sense limits on toxic chemicals, making them safer, in an effort to protect against dangerous levels of toxins in products, which can be linked to serious health related problems.

For more information about Jessica Alba’s toxin-free, eco-safe products, visit:

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Global Warming Awareness: Running Out Steam


Mother and daughter plead for a better future at downtown LA rally. The used of duty energy could jeopardized our future and our ecology. Photo by Oscar Ortega

According to a report by NPR, this past Sunday, people in this country are beginning to believe that Global Warming is a fallacy, that all the studies done over the last decade are over exaggerated.  Are the melting of the poles not a proof of what’s going on? Are these people out their mind?

Humans tend to believe in Holy Books and a Savior that will come down from the heaven and  take them to an eternal life, that sounds pretty exaggerated to me. They have been waiting for more than two thousand years and nothing have happened! yet there are no scientific proof that it has happen or that it will ever happen.

Now let’s analyze these events, we are experiencing extreme temperatures due to deforestation, frequent natural disasters than a hundred years ago, water levels are raising due to melting ice in the poles, pollution in our oceans is killing marine life that means that our food chain it’s about to suffer an unprecedented change that will affect every single living organism in this planet, more species are despairing from the face of the earth due to our own fault.

According to experts, it’s unpredictable the ramifications of these events. The human race and environment has not experienced anything similar since mankind has been keeping records. There are always conspiracy theories that will follow issues like this but for sure there are very strong economical interests, such as corporation, behind this movement that could affect the necessity of keep moving toward a better and greener future for our ecosystem.

Yes, I am skeptic when it comes to religion because I can’t see it nor I cant’ feel it, but I can see and feel our environment changing and that is a fact. I don’t need a “Holy Book” to tell me that.

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Plastic Grocery Bags Banned in L.A. County Starting in 2011

by Karoline Steavenson

The Los Angeles Times and other local news outlets reported Tuesday that the L.A.

County Board of Supervisors approved a ban on plastic grocery bags countywide

starting  July 1, 2011. Food and drug stores will no longer be allowed to bag customers’

items in plastic bags. Customers can carry their goods home in paper bags, but those will cost $0.10 each.

Here is the portion of the ordinance that gives the details of the new law:

“Approve and adopt the Ordinance banning plastic carryout bags at all supermarkets and other grocery stores, convenience stores, food marts, pharmacies, and drug stores located in the County unincorporated areas, while requiring stores that provide recyclable paper carryout bags to impose a charge of ten (10) cents per bag to a customer, effective beginning July 1, 2011, for certain affected stores and January 1, 2012, for all other affected stores.”

Rong-Gong Lin II, reporting for the L.A. Times, wrote that, “In Los Angeles County alone, 6 billion plastic bags are used each year, an average of 1,600 bags per household a year. Government figures show that only about 5% are recycled.”

In conversations about plastic grocery bags I have sometimes heard dog owners complain that they need plastic grocery bags to clean up after their dogs. Consumers can buy plastic quart and gallon size bags at many dollar stores for that purpose.  They can also buy dog clean up bags from many pet supply stores.

Petco Waste Clean Up Bags – 100 for $8.47

Kyjen Pooch Pick Up – 100 for $4.81

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Guayakí is so good

By Julio A. Cruz

Like most of you, I did not know what was Guayakí Yerba Mate Organic until I saw its Fair Trade table at the Fair Trade Futures Conference in Quincy, Mass. early September.

Guayakí Yerba Mate logo. Photo Courtesy: University of San Diego Student Radio.

Guayakí isn’t only Fair Trade but certified organic, too. I’ve only tried a couple of drinks, including the 16 oz. non-carbonated organic yerba mate Lemon Elation which comes in a can.

Some might ask, what is a yerba mate? I had that same question, and found that it’s:

Yerba mate is the legendary infusion from South America that is luring people away from their daily coffee fix.  Yerba mate first caught the attention of world-class athletes and health-conscious people, but now mate is becoming a favorite healthful daily ritual for all people taking their well-being seriously. Grown in the sub-tropical rainforests of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, yerba mate has long been revered as the “drink of the gods”.

So as you can see, it’s healthy, good for us. It’s also Kosher certified.

In its packaging process, starting from the start in growing the yerba mate to processing it, to packaging to transporting it to having it in your hands, Guayakí products takes out carbon from the environment.

Even the pamphlet, which all its info is on, the paper used is from 50% Post-Consumer Waste paper, it’s processed with free of Chlorine, uses vegetable based inks,  and it’s Green-e certified.

They even plant native trees in South American forests.

So get out, check out Whole Foods Market, for example, and choose any of its six stimulants, like yerba mate, coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa or guarana.

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Proposition 23 – A backwards Solution!

Today marks the six moths anniversary since the worst oil disaster of the U.S. history. Eleven workers were killed as well as thousands of marine life were affected and miles of beaches were tinted with oil. As usual today has gone undetected by the mainstream media due to lack of interest of issues that could affect millions of people for decades to come. Many efforts were made to prevent deep sea oil drilling but early this month the federal government went ahead and approved to continue such practice due to raising unemployment in that region. Political agendas should keep moving toward a environmental friendly solutions instead of fading away from this issues.


Hundreds of people show their support against global warming at the Los Angeles City Hall rally on October 10th. They called for the end of oil and coal dependency. Photo by Oscar Ortega.

In California, according to Greenpeace, Coalition for Clean Air and the American Lung Association say that Proposition 23 is backed by oil Texas companies. This initiative will suspend the control of air pollution in California until the unemployment drops to 5.5 percent. This means that any company that is under state regulation could have a license to pollute in the name of the “Economy or Unemployment.”  Our state government raised our sale taxes 1.5 percent a couple years ago and it didn’t make a dent to our economy, what makes them think this proposition can help our economy by allowing unscrupulous corporations to pollute our environment.

In the other hand, Meg Whitman, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, says that Green technology isn’t the right answer to generated jobs in California. She wants to suspend the 2006 Global Warming law and re-think it along with the estate economy. For decades California has been a leader in new technology and the environment but in the last few years it hasn’t even made it to the top ten environment friendly estates. It seems that some people are reluctant to a positive change and want to keep the same old attitude toward the environment.
Knowing what happened six months ago in the Gulf of Mexico, why politicians want to keep messing with California’s environment, beaches or the development of new technology. Why a Texan oil company has to have a “say” on California political issues? California’s environment should be decide by californians not by corporations, let along out of estate companies or politicians, who have no sense of the effects of global warming.

Be Proactive!

Make your Own Greener Cleaner 101:

Tub and Tile Cleaner


1 cup water

3 cups baking soda


Mix ingredients into a paste and apply with a brush. Use a toothbrush to scrub paste into grout. For a tougher jobs, first wipe surfaces with vinegar – use sparingly, as vinegar can break down tile grout.

For more greener cleaners visit Coalition for Clean Air.

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